So Hum was founded by Becky Pearson, yoga teacher and art director living in East London. 

One of the first questions I get asked as a yoga teacher is: when? The second is usually: why?

I find it hard to pinpoint exactly when it was that I 'found' Yoga, or when in fact, 'it' found me.  If I am honest I spent my whole childhood seeking a 'connection' and in my late teens I began to read about meditation, buddhism, and zen. Aged 18 I found myself practicing yoga and meditation at The London Buddhist Centre, it's now 10 years later and I have been teaching Yoga for the past 5 years. My love of movement and creative sequencing comes from a child (and early adult) hood of Contemporary dance classes at the place. My love of philosophy and teachings of Yoga stem from my continuing exploration of the Self, our connection to everyone and everything in this Universe. I am particularly interested in our experience of places and spaces - those we can see, and those which we cannot. 

I teach from the Krishnamacharya lineage, offering yoga for every body and all levels of ability. I teach people who are attending their first class, to those who are trained to teach, people who are suffering from physical and mental ill health, in yoga studios, offices and homes. My intention remains the same throughout: to offer a practice that provides an opportunity for wellness at every layer of the body - physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual.